A Small Way to Save Water

A strange breed humans are.  It seems that we never fail to look for change to come.  In the winter we look forward to the warmth of spring and summer, then in the heat of summer we seek the solice of cool air.  For many the way to beat the summer heat is by cranking up the A/C and blowing it's arctic winds throughout our house.  But for us few, the bold, the Mustachians of the world we choose to embrace the heat, and outsmart it.

Goals: Diet Better Challenge - Week 2

Having been one to love numbers since the first time that I realized that the vains on my left hand form the symbol for Pi, my weight has been a frustrating affair, going up and down, and seemingly out of control.  I have read many web pages on the subject, and thoroughly enjoyed a book called "The Hacker's Diet" by John Walker.  Being a fellow engineer his book really struck me and has been the basis of all my weight-loss programs since.  So much so we even made a website which puts his math onto a fancy graph to help you track your weight and calculate your trend.  You can find that at OpenDiet.net (still in beta, but feel free to sign up).

July's Goal: Play My Cornet Every Day - Week 2

Passing the Starting Line

The first week and a half was all fun in games, it felt fantastic to be behind a horn again and playing to my hearts content.  Now that the honeymoon period is over I have to be deligent in keeping up with practice, something that is easy to set aside.  The first week course in "Total Range" has helped a lot in endurance, and the decision to follow this plan also keeps me from hopping around all over the place.  There is a clear outline, and a goal in mind.

Goals: Diet Better Challenge

Last week a friend introduced me to DietBetter.com, a place where you put bets on yourself to lose weight.  Unlike gambling the house isn’t scheming to make you lose, and sometimes loses itself.  Currently I am enrolled in three bets in parallel that I will lose weight.

July's Goal: Play My Cornet Every Day

Last month I decided to skip out on setting goals and to catch up on life a bit.  My secret goal was to start writing more articles, aiming for around one a week.  Even though I didn't quite hit that goal I did get a few more articles out and have started becoming a bit more blog minded as I go about different activities.