Follow Up To January's Goal

As January comes to a close I look back and see the huge amount of progress that I've made. I didn't make it every day to work on my bike, I got sick and wimped out for two days. To tell you the truth, after the first day of wimping out it was really hard to get back on the bike and keep going.

A Mustachian Lifestyle

If you ask most of my close friends they'd probably tell you that I am fairly frugal with my spending, that I enjoy saving money more than anything else.  From the time that I was a young child I remember saving up what little change I could scrounge from my parents so that I could purchase some water balloons that looked like grenades, or purchase my first car.

January's Goal: Riding To Work

As many people begin the new year I have usually sought to make resolutions for the year that I might change myself for the better. Last year, looking back on my goals, I find that there was a lot set forward, and I failed on most of it. Does this mean that we should not set goals? No, but perhaps we should set ones which are meaningful, and focused. What I have found is if I try to divvy up my day into microbursts of each goal then I end up failing due to wearing myself out. Was it a waste? No, as I always say, “If you aim for the moon, you'll at least hit the ceiling.” With that in mind, and some good advice found on the Internet, this year I have decided to break my goals into monthly decisions that I am making rather than doing so many at one time.

The Most Helpful Repo Command for Android Development

Android App Review: Diaro

Sometimes our lives are just plain busy with little time for remembering what happened last night, let alone last year.  With the advent of computers keeping a diary has changed; what used to be a tedious task that often left some burning the midnight oil has turned into a way to help us relieve stress without cramping our hands.

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