Goals: Diet Better Challenge - Week 2

Having been one to love numbers since the first time that I realized that the vains on my left hand form the symbol for Pi, my weight has been a frustrating affair, going up and down, and seemingly out of control.  I have read many web pages on the subject, and thoroughly enjoyed a book called "The Hacker's Diet" by John Walker.  Being a fellow engineer his book really struck me and has been the basis of all my weight-loss programs since.  So much so we even made a website which puts his math onto a fancy graph to help you track your weight and calculate your trend.  You can find that at OpenDiet.net (still in beta, but feel free to sign up).

July's Goal: Play My Cornet Every Day - Week 2

Passing the Starting Line

The first week and a half was all fun in games, it felt fantastic to be behind a horn again and playing to my hearts content.  Now that the honeymoon period is over I have to be deligent in keeping up with practice, something that is easy to set aside.  The first week course in "Total Range" has helped a lot in endurance, and the decision to follow this plan also keeps me from hopping around all over the place.  There is a clear outline, and a goal in mind.

Goals: Diet Better Challenge

Last week a friend introduced me to DietBetter.com, a place where you put bets on yourself to lose weight.  Unlike gambling the house isn’t scheming to make you lose, and sometimes loses itself.  Currently I am enrolled in three bets in parallel that I will lose weight.

July's Goal: Play My Cornet Every Day

Last month I decided to skip out on setting goals and to catch up on life a bit.  My secret goal was to start writing more articles, aiming for around one a week.  Even though I didn't quite hit that goal I did get a few more articles out and have started becoming a bit more blog minded as I go about different activities.

A New Hobby and a Gift

Last month as I came home one day I started talking to my neighbor as I sometimes do when he is out back in the alley way. He noted that I need to get myself a hobby of some sorts because I feel worn out from work.
The past few weeks I have been thinking about this and decided that it was worth a shot, I always loved playing trumpet back in high school and have wanted to pick it up again. Even if I never play in another band it would give me something to do that isn't computer related.

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