App Review: Zombies, Run! 5k

Last night was my first workout using the Zombies, Run! 5K.  This takes you through the scary experience of being outside during the zombie apocalypse.  The app features an 8 week, 3 days a week, proffessionaly made exercise routine which is setup to get you ready to run that 5K.

Valentines with Mrs. Oh

I find most holidays to be a little hard, especially ones with the expectation of gifts.  You see, throughout the year if there is something that we need or wanted we have already made plans, put the money aside, done research and bought it.  Why then do we feel sociatal obligations to spontaneously purchase things?

Riding in the Snow

Snow at my workFor most bicyclist winter may be a time where their commuter bike gets some well-earned rest and either public transit or their car then begins to bear the brunt of hauling you to work.  Yet for those of us who seek to retire early, or for those who are more dedicated to a nobler cause of helping the Earth during our short sojourn here, foul weather is not an excuse to get off your two wheels.

February's Goal: Week 1

The first week of this new regimine I was very sore, especially in my chest, but I have never felt better.  According to my statistics I am up to 44 total reps for pushups and 107 total reps for situps.  Having done this program before I know that it can get hard especially by the third week.  The weekend is usally a great time to recoupe, let the muscles heal a bit without straining them even further.

February's Goal: Health of a Hundred Pushups

Continuing with my goals this year I am working on getting into better shape.  With the completion of last month’s goal of biking to work I feel the next thing I can do is to improve my core strength.  Over the last couple years I have let some habits lapse and no longer have the strength I once had.

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