My name is David Post, which might seem strange that I run a blog with this hard to pronounce name Oh Yong Hao.  Having married my Taiwanese wife in Taiwan I have a legal Chinese name there and decided on using that for my personal website.

You'll find many of my articles tend to be oriented on Mustachianism, Mustachian living, and Mustachian philosophy.  That's because Mr. Money Mustache is the most badass financial advisor you'll ever find.  Since reading his blog in 2013 I have embraced many of his ideas and for the first time in my life I feel that financial independance is completely within my grasp.

Other topics at times can be hard to seperate from Mustachianism since it's basic precepts intercept every aspect of our lives.  These may be anything from health, finance, and do it yourself projects, to bicycling and setting goals.

Feel free to leave a comment anywhere or to send feedback to me through the feedback form.  While you're here have a look around at some of the other articles.

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