A Small Way to Save Water


A strange breed humans are.  It seems that we never fail to look for change to come.  In the winter we look forward to the warmth of spring and summer, then in the heat of summer we seek the solice of cool air.  For many the way to beat the summer heat is by cranking up the A/C and blowing it's arctic winds throughout our house.  But for us few, the bold, the Mustachians of the world we choose to embrace the heat, and outsmart it.

This isn't an article about how to cool your house, though that may be one for another day, but about a creative way to save a little water.  If you do happen to use your A/C you have probably noticed that there is either a drip, or a hose that drips, coming from it.  How much water is dripping every day?  Where does that water come from?  Glad you asked.

The water comes from condensation, that is the water that is already present in your air.  As the compressor churns and cools the surrounding air will condense and water molecules will form and buildup over time.  To prevent the excess buildup of water they funnel it out the back and generally into your yard or down a drain to be treated at the local sewage plant.

It so happens that ours comes out of a pipe in the side of our house because we have central air and cooling.  Our neighborhood is situated in such a way that we only own one side of our yard, which isn't the side with the drainage.  Luckily our neighbors is situated the same way and his drainage is in our yard.  We quickly noticed this dripping as soon as the temperatures around here started hitting a mild 70F, and have found it more than adequite to fill our flower water bucket at least once a day.

This may not be many gallons of water, but it helps to reduce usage of this natural resource, and lowers our usage by just that extra fraction.

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