App Review: LINE update Part 1


Today LINE updated their popular instant messaging and video calling app on Android to introduce a new feature, LINE Call. Apparently during implementing this feature they neglected to take into consideration the effects this has on other parts of the Android system. In particular this breaks the Direct Dial function and causes any Direct Dial shortcut to instead default to opening LINE Call, a pay for service.

I frequently use this feature to call my wife from the lockscreen, but now the best workaround I can find short of uninstalling the app is to change the shortcut to her contact page rather than try Direct Dial. I have already opened a support request with LINE here, which wasn't easy to find at all.  I stumbled upon it by going to their Career page and attempting to apply for a position just so I could voice my opinion and found their corporate email address, which led me to going to their corporate domain and susequentially finding this form.

Skype did this same thing last year which caused me to uninstall their app.  I have also posted a review on their Google Play page with 1 star and informing others of this gross oversite in basic functionality.

***I have written a follow up piece here because they have fixed my issue.***

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