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App Review: LINE update Part 2

After sending a service request to LINE they responded with a fix that didn't actually address my problem.  Since I work doing validation at a software company I know what kind of information they might want to actually root cause this and fix the problem so I crafted a reply with all the details which would be useful in recreating this issue.

Our $1300 Vacuum Cleaner

This might seem to be about the most anti-mustachian thing to do, but we bought a $1300 Kirby vacuum cleaner.  We happened to have the money at the time the salesman came, and we were pretty impressed with the presentation they gave.

App Review: LINE update Part 1

Today LINE updated their popular instant messaging and video calling app on Android to introduce a new feature, LINE Call. Apparently during implementing this feature they neglected to take into consideration the effects this has on other parts of the Android system. In particular this breaks the Direct Dial function and causes any Direct Dial shortcut to instead default to opening LINE Call, a pay for service.

Kiss Trust Starts Legal Action Against Mr. Money Mustache

In an interesting development on the early retirement specialist blog called Mr. Money Mustache a company which received a negative review in the forums of the site has started sending Cease and Disist orders to Mr. and Mrs. Money Mustache.  Parts of this story are being chronichled on the new forum topic Kiss Trust Has Sent A Legal Threat To This Blog and as a main blog post asking if any readers might be lawyers or could recommend one.

March's Goal: Marching Forward

January was riding to work, February was fitness, now I'm doing another healthy goal, sleep.  For much of my life I have probably had a lack of sleep, investing more time in late night computer programming binges rather than sleep.  There were times in high school where I would attempt to stay awake for days at a time, I believe I made it to 3 days for my record.

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