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Goals: Diet Better Challenge - Week 6 - The Simple Math of Weight Loss

With the success of the first 3 Diet Better challenges behind me and three new ones started it has been an exciting time.  My belt has two new holes added to it in anticipation because I have already dropped three belt holes and was on the last one.

Lifestyle Change: The Only Diet That Works

For a long time I’ve gone back and forth on various diets and exercise routines, trying this and that, but never getting into fads.  Very early due to my chronic skeptical nature I refused to accept some weird fad diet going on, so things like the Atkins diet never affected me.  What really struck me was The Hacker’s Diet by John Walker.  This book has had more impact on me than anything else I have read about dieting and is the inspiration for

Review: BUFFALO AirStation Extreme AC 1750

When I first moved into my new house I was driven crazy by not being able to find the switch that I knew must exist for all my networking ports to work.  Once that situation was solved I was driven nuts by why my network seemed to be so slow now since I have a speedy fiber optic connection which promises 100mbit up and down.  As it turns out my old and trusty Linksys 54G was to blame.  Although it had been faithful for the last decade it was finally starting to show its age.

Goals: Diet Better Challenge - Week 4

After finishing the third week with a little bit of stagnation I have started this fourth week by exceeding my goal of 96.1kg!  My Open Diet chart shows me that I have been achieving a daily deficit of 1226 Calories for the past week and a deficit of 801 Calories for the past month.  The last line to beat is my 90 day trend which is currently running an excess of 112 Calories.

Biking Advantage: Stop and Go Traffic

Looking at this picture here this is a typical day getting off work.  The road by my work is a clogged artery which backs up for about a mile, while the bike lane appears to be vacant.  When I used to drive there was a 10 minute wait to get out of the parking lot and to the light at the end, all the while bicycles would zoom by.

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