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Review: Wahoo TICKR X 2015 Heart Rate Monitor

This past year I’ve gotten into cycling, and in order to help up my game I wanted to get a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) to see how I’m doing and to get a good grasp of how much effort I am putting in.  I also run a 5k at least once a year, with that coming up I decided to go with the Wahoo TICKR X due to its ability to do both Bluetooth and ANT+, and that it should work with my Nexus 4 while I wait to purchase a cycling computer later this year.

Our 2014 Expenses

As Mr. Money Mustache has done since he started his blog I am also putting out there our expenses for the past year.  With this report I have gone through our year and moved some of our special purchase from our overflow budget area (retirement savings) to their respective budget categories to better reflect how much we actually spent and where the money went.  During the year sometimes we would discuss a purchase that we wanted and would just categorize it as Retirement to spend the money from there.  Towards the end of the year I stopped doing things like that and instead would move the allocated amount around.  Our goal is to better understand where our money is going.  We budget as a plan of where money will go, and to help restrain our impulses slightly, but it doesn’t control us entirely.

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