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Adding Back Productive Notifications

The first days was by far the hardest to kick the habit of wastefully checking my email, Facebook, news feeds, and other such time wasting habits that I have developed over the years.   One quote constantly comes back to me from Tim Ferriss’s book The Four Hour Work Week, “Am I inventing things to do, to avoid the important?”

Getting Rid of Distractions

Our lives are constantly being interrupted.  A ping here, or a beep there, ringtones, bleeps, whooshes, letting us know that we’ve received a Facebook message, or a Hangout chat, a new email is available for us to read, or a text message has just been received.  Each of these diverts us from our current task and interrupts our concentration.  Some of these we train ourselves to ignore, but the little shot of dopamine we receive with each ta-da, bang, or whistle gives us instant satisfaction and has us come back craving it again.

Follow Me as I Implement the 4 Hour Work Week

Recently I found myself in a position that many have to face at some point or another throughout their life, unemployed.  Employment tends to be a huge part of our lives, taking up our time from summer jobs as teenagers and throughout most of our adult lives until retirement somewhere towards the end.  It is such a huge part of our lives that most of us tend to define ourselves and others by the work that we do.  How many of us, the first time meeting someone, ask what they do for a living?  Being unemployed brings a lot of social stigma, people feeling sorry for you, worrying how you’re going to make it while unemployed.

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