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March's Goal: Marching Forward

January was riding to work, February was fitness, now I'm doing another healthy goal, sleep.  For much of my life I have probably had a lack of sleep, investing more time in late night computer programming binges rather than sleep.  There were times in high school where I would attempt to stay awake for days at a time, I believe I made it to 3 days for my record.

February's Goal: Winding It Up

This month was all in all a pretty great month for exercise.  I am now on the 4th and 5th week of my Pushup and Situp training program respectively.  Pushups I had to repeat a week because I just didn't feel like I was ready for the next level, but I tried to push myself to defeat the previous weeks max.

February's Goal: Week 3

The third week into my fitness goal and I'm feeling great.  After having started the 5k training last week I am enjoying running almost every day.  I feel that biking every day has prepared my lungs for the exercise.

Willamette Valley Meetup - February 2014

United Kingdom, Taiwan, the United States.  What do these three countries have in common?  At least one person with their nationality were present at tonights meetup.  Along with this wonderful assortment of people came an equally awesome display of cooking talent.  From chili made from dry beans, to brocolli salad and walnut desserts, we all came with our own special dishes and left with full bellies and full hearts.

February's Goal: Week 2

Another week gone by and I have successfully completed all my exercises.  Honestly, sometimes I just feel like giving up, it seems like it would be the easier path.  Yet every time I finish another set, every time I complete another days exercise I feel a great achievement, I didn't give up, I persevered.  My total pushps and situps have increased to 65 and 136 respectively.

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