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Diet Better Review: Finishing My First Transformer

When you have a lot of fat to lose losing weight at first can seem easy.  That was how it went for me with my first Diet Better Transformer.  I actually completed this challenge in the first few months, and with a continuous flow of 4% challenges I was able to keep it off and then some by the end of the 6 months.  To the left is my final weigh in, at nearly 20kg's lighter than when I began.

YNAB is the Budget For Me

Throughout the years I have read countless articles online concerning budgeting.  Back in my first job as a programmer I kept a spreadsheet and loved to forecast how much savings I might have at my current rate.  What can I say, I'm a numbers kind of guy.  I've gone through full accounting software to personal budgeting, but it wasn't until I ran into YNAB (shameless referral plug) that I finally got something I could stick with.

App Review: LINE update Part 2

After sending a service request to LINE they responded with a fix that didn't actually address my problem.  Since I work doing validation at a software company I know what kind of information they might want to actually root cause this and fix the problem so I crafted a reply with all the details which would be useful in recreating this issue.

App Review: LINE update Part 1

Today LINE updated their popular instant messaging and video calling app on Android to introduce a new feature, LINE Call. Apparently during implementing this feature they neglected to take into consideration the effects this has on other parts of the Android system. In particular this breaks the Direct Dial function and causes any Direct Dial shortcut to instead default to opening LINE Call, a pay for service.

App Review: Zombies, Run! 5k

Last night was my first workout using the Zombies, Run! 5K.  This takes you through the scary experience of being outside during the zombie apocalypse.  The app features an 8 week, 3 days a week, proffessionaly made exercise routine which is setup to get you ready to run that 5K.

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