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Diet Better Review: Finishing My First Transformer

When you have a lot of fat to lose losing weight at first can seem easy.  That was how it went for me with my first Diet Better Transformer.  I actually completed this challenge in the first few months, and with a continuous flow of 4% challenges I was able to keep it off and then some by the end of the 6 months.  To the left is my final weigh in, at nearly 20kg's lighter than when I began.

Goals: Diet Better Challenge - Week 6 - The Simple Math of Weight Loss

With the success of the first 3 Diet Better challenges behind me and three new ones started it has been an exciting time.  My belt has two new holes added to it in anticipation because I have already dropped three belt holes and was on the last one.

Goals: Diet Better Challenge - Week 4

After finishing the third week with a little bit of stagnation I have started this fourth week by exceeding my goal of 96.1kg!  My Open Diet chart shows me that I have been achieving a daily deficit of 1226 Calories for the past week and a deficit of 801 Calories for the past month.  The last line to beat is my 90 day trend which is currently running an excess of 112 Calories.

Goals: Diet Better Challenge - Week 3

At the commencement of Week 3 of the Diet Better challenge I feel that I am now fully equipped to continue forth on this epic journey of cellulite annihilation. Still being on track for the third week we face the point where we are now further down the trail than what is left.  It is at these junctions where we must decide if we have what it takes to continue forth and be triumphant.

July's Goal: Play My Cornet Every Day - Week 3

Time has progressed, the honey moon is over.  Having barely made it through July playing every day except two days the initial fun aspect of this hobby has worn off slightly.  That's not to say that it isn't still fun, just that the brand new hobby phase has gone by.

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