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Camp Mustache

This weekend my wife and I had a great opportunity to go and attend Camp Mustache.  At the same time Mr. Money Mustache wrote a blog article entitled Give Yourself the Gift of Not Worrying About Money.  This article really hit home, a lot of times we worry way too much about money where we should be allowing money to make us happy.  That's not to say to just go out and spend it on empty consumerism, quite the opposite, we can choose to not worry about money because we have it and are constantly flexing our frugality muscles.  It was very timely because we had spent $400 for both of us to go out on this three day excursion to meet one of the most influential writers currently in my life.

YNAB is the Budget For Me

Throughout the years I have read countless articles online concerning budgeting.  Back in my first job as a programmer I kept a spreadsheet and loved to forecast how much savings I might have at my current rate.  What can I say, I'm a numbers kind of guy.  I've gone through full accounting software to personal budgeting, but it wasn't until I ran into YNAB (shameless referral plug) that I finally got something I could stick with.

Our $1300 Vacuum Cleaner

This might seem to be about the most anti-mustachian thing to do, but we bought a $1300 Kirby vacuum cleaner.  We happened to have the money at the time the salesman came, and we were pretty impressed with the presentation they gave.

Kiss Trust Starts Legal Action Against Mr. Money Mustache

In an interesting development on the early retirement specialist blog called Mr. Money Mustache a company which received a negative review in the forums of the site has started sending Cease and Disist orders to Mr. and Mrs. Money Mustache.  Parts of this story are being chronichled on the new forum topic Kiss Trust Has Sent A Legal Threat To This Blog and as a main blog post asking if any readers might be lawyers or could recommend one.

Willamette Valley Meetup - February 2014

United Kingdom, Taiwan, the United States.  What do these three countries have in common?  At least one person with their nationality were present at tonights meetup.  Along with this wonderful assortment of people came an equally awesome display of cooking talent.  From chili made from dry beans, to brocolli salad and walnut desserts, we all came with our own special dishes and left with full bellies and full hearts.

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