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Riding in the Snow

Snow at my workFor most bicyclist winter may be a time where their commuter bike gets some well-earned rest and either public transit or their car then begins to bear the brunt of hauling you to work.  Yet for those of us who seek to retire early, or for those who are more dedicated to a nobler cause of helping the Earth during our short sojourn here, foul weather is not an excuse to get off your two wheels.

A Mustachian Lifestyle

If you ask most of my close friends they'd probably tell you that I am fairly frugal with my spending, that I enjoy saving money more than anything else.  From the time that I was a young child I remember saving up what little change I could scrounge from my parents so that I could purchase some water balloons that looked like grenades, or purchase my first car.

My Square Foot Garden

My Square Foot GardenSquare foot gardening was a great experiment this year.  I had read about it before and really wanted to get into it.  Luckily one of my friends also wanted to and having a friend support you really helps to get things done.  It was already late in the year for starting a garden (mid June), but we decided that if we don't do it now we may just procrastinate until this time next year.

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