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Follow Me as I Implement the 4 Hour Work Week

Recently I found myself in a position that many have to face at some point or another throughout their life, unemployed.  Employment tends to be a huge part of our lives, taking up our time from summer jobs as teenagers and throughout most of our adult lives until retirement somewhere towards the end.  It is such a huge part of our lives that most of us tend to define ourselves and others by the work that we do.  How many of us, the first time meeting someone, ask what they do for a living?  Being unemployed brings a lot of social stigma, people feeling sorry for you, worrying how you’re going to make it while unemployed.

Cycling: For Sport and Recreation

Just over a year ago I was out on a group ride with Orenco Cyclery.  With us that day was an amazingly experienced cyclist from the cycling haven of Arizona, currently out here in Oregon for a temporary assignment.

Our 2014 Expenses

As Mr. Money Mustache has done since he started his blog I am also putting out there our expenses for the past year.  With this report I have gone through our year and moved some of our special purchase from our overflow budget area (retirement savings) to their respective budget categories to better reflect how much we actually spent and where the money went.  During the year sometimes we would discuss a purchase that we wanted and would just categorize it as Retirement to spend the money from there.  Towards the end of the year I stopped doing things like that and instead would move the allocated amount around.  Our goal is to better understand where our money is going.  We budget as a plan of where money will go, and to help restrain our impulses slightly, but it doesn’t control us entirely.

It's Been Awhile

Wow, it has been quite some time since I made a blogpost.  As it turns out writing a blog can be a lot of work, and trying to balance that with life, work, and cycling can be tough.  Sometimes you just get burnt out while trying to pursue everything at once.  That's essentially what happened to me, too much, too little time, a lot of stress.  Though blogging can be a great way to get rid of that stress, it can also add to it.  As my cycling got more serious I found it hard to make the time to write for this blog, and as the time went on every time I thought of writing it came a little easier to just put it aside, and the desire to write slowly dwindled.

Goals: Diet Better Challenge - Week 3

At the commencement of Week 3 of the Diet Better challenge I feel that I am now fully equipped to continue forth on this epic journey of cellulite annihilation. Still being on track for the third week we face the point where we are now further down the trail than what is left.  It is at these junctions where we must decide if we have what it takes to continue forth and be triumphant.

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