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2014 Color Me Rad 5k in Vancouver, WA

Another year has gone by since my first ever 5k run.  Last year I did horrible, started out way too fast and got drained by the first hill.  Running into a coworker also didn't help all that much, which gave me an excuse to walk and talk most of the way.  This year was different.  After having ran the Shamrock run in Portland I was feeling better.  Between the Shamrock run and Color Me Rad I had a few chances to do some extra training, but didn't get a lot in, I was worried how I was going to do this time.

May's Goals: Getting Back On Track

It's been a while since I have posted anything, April was just a mix of being worn out, busy, and recovering.  I achieved a major goal of hitting $300 saved by riding my bicycle.  My wife has started helping out quite a bit towards this goal by riding around town on short 1 mile shopping trips.

Valentines with Mrs. Oh

I find most holidays to be a little hard, especially ones with the expectation of gifts.  You see, throughout the year if there is something that we need or wanted we have already made plans, put the money aside, done research and bought it.  Why then do we feel sociatal obligations to spontaneously purchase things?

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