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Review: Wahoo TICKR X 2015 Heart Rate Monitor

This past year I’ve gotten into cycling, and in order to help up my game I wanted to get a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) to see how I’m doing and to get a good grasp of how much effort I am putting in.  I also run a 5k at least once a year, with that coming up I decided to go with the Wahoo TICKR X due to its ability to do both Bluetooth and ANT+, and that it should work with my Nexus 4 while I wait to purchase a cycling computer later this year.

Review: BUFFALO AirStation Extreme AC 1750

When I first moved into my new house I was driven crazy by not being able to find the switch that I knew must exist for all my networking ports to work.  Once that situation was solved I was driven nuts by why my network seemed to be so slow now since I have a speedy fiber optic connection which promises 100mbit up and down.  As it turns out my old and trusty Linksys 54G was to blame.  Although it had been faithful for the last decade it was finally starting to show its age.

Kindle Paperwhite Unboxing

This is going to be sort of my second unboxing (although during my first unboxing of my new XDs I didn't take any pictures, but I'll leave it up to you to decide if it counts or not).  I was not originally going to be purchasing a Kindle Paperwhite so soon, but unfortunately about a week after the announcement by Amazon of the Kindle Paperwhite coming out my Kindle Keyboard was stolen.  I had had it for just over a year.

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