Goals: Diet Better Challenge - Week 3


At the commencement of Week 3 of the Diet Better challenge I feel that I am now fully equipped to continue forth on this epic journey of cellulite annihilation. Still being on track for the third week we face the point where we are now further down the trail than what is left.  It is at these junctions where we must decide if we have what it takes to continue forth and be triumphant.

Devil's Loop

Another small victory this weekend, despite what may have besieged my previous mortal self, I sought out an excruciating trail through the woods, past the steps of Mordor, and up to the Angel's Rest.  A 1400' climb over 2.4 miles where we encountered water falls, rivers, shady forests, and the scorching heat of barren land.

So far I have not succumbed to the temptation to gorge upon endless supplies of food, though my excursion be great, a little tightening of the belt holds gravity at bay.

Tracking Lean Mass

Surprisingly I have adapted to the lower amount of calories and as Week 3 progresses the feeling to engage in the consumption of massive amounts of food has slowly abated.  The worry though is that I may be losing more than just fat as my weight goes down.  Due to this I have begun tracking my body fat percentage and created a small excel sheet to calculate lean mass and track that.  The assumption is that lean mass will go down slightly as my overall weight subsides but it is hard finding anything which talks about the natural amount that may go down as your weight goes down, most sites generally talk about how to keep or increase lean mass.

Since I help run a website called OpenDiet which tracks weight as a smooth trend I am excited to work on a new feature sometime in the near future to add in body fat percentage and then to do the same calculation that my excel sheet is but also adding it to a graph along with my weight.  I should see those two numbers approach each other but never meet, and certainly never cross, seeing how I am bound by the laws of physics.

Here's to 3kg down, 7kg to go.

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