Zwift - Hunter's Challenge - Day 1 - Cadence Crusher


After a summer of fun riding outside, testing new equipment, riding with power, and enjoying 80+mi rides every week I have now started to settle into turbo season.  Today I started a new training set on the indoor training app Zwift called Hunter's Challenge, designed by Hunter Allen of Peak Coaching Group.

In this series I will give a short review of each session, and round up each week with my thoughts overall.  Before starting this challenge I spent a week doing some 2x15 FTP workouts, an outdoor ride, a recovery ride, and finished on Saturday with the FTP (Shorter) test available on Zwift.  With that test I currently have an indoor FTP of 256W.  My plan is after finishing Hunter's Challenge to take a similar week and retake the FTP (Shorter) test and see how my FTP has improved.

With each session I'll also give a link to the Strong Like Ox blog which has screenshots of each session with the FTP being set to 100W.  I find that it's a good estimator, but it the workouts don't scale precisely as one would assume.  For this blog's purposes I am writing the workout with my FTP set.

My Setup

Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer w/ Front block

Wahoo TickrX HRM

Garmin Cadence Sensor

Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Home Trainer @120psi

2 Camelbak 750ml bottles

iPhone and earbuds for music and podcasts

I start each session by pumping my tire to 120psi, spinning for a few minutes and using the Tacx iPhone app to calibrate the trainer before starting Zwift.


The Workout

Strava Analysis

Activity Link



Being the shortest workout of the series I continued riding for another two laps around London PTR to finish the ride at 1:33hr.

This ride felt pretty good, the higher efforts were short enough to easily push through, and the top efforts at the end were fun exercises which I did standing up.  Removing the Warm Up and Cool Down sections from the workout we see that my average cadence was 95 RPM, a little below the suggested average of 100 RPM.  We see some dips and spikes on transitions, especially with the higher power sprints towards the end.

I found that the sprints took about 10s to go from 150W to 385W and that's just due to how my smart trainer measures power as resistance on the fly wheel.  Standing up to sprint helped, but sometimes it was easy to overshoot as you can see on the first of the three sprints.

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