Zwift - Hunter's Challenge - Day 2 - Micro Burts!


Feeling pretty good after my workout yesterday and a day of recovery I'm back this morning for the second day of the challenge.



The Workout

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This was a bit tougher than I thought it would be.  A current problem with Zwift workouts that you have to ignore is the Gold Stars on these small micro bursts.  As I stated in yesterdays exercise it takes about 10s to go from the 130W recovery to the 384W burst.  Out of 15s that means you are failing that segment.  Oh well, the important part is to put in the effort on each segment.
A complaint I do have is how ERG works on these.  After taking 10s to gear up to 384W and sustaining it for another 5s it takes a good amount of time to spin back down to 130W for your recovery.  Instead of getting 15s of recovery you end up getting a spin down of 5-10s and maybe 5s of recovery.  I've tried a few things to help mitigate this and what seems to have worked the best was in my third set to simply push through for another second or two until you feel the brake give way and the watts start to fall.  By that time I was already hurting and my cadence was hurting hitting 50-60 RPM quite a few times.
Overall I really enjoyed this workout, it feels like it would be good for those crit races with heavy breaking and sprints out of corners, or for sticking to the group on road races.
Finished up this workout with another lap around London PTR and back to the finish line, breaking my old PR for the lap, and bringing total workout time to 1:35hr.

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