Zwift - Hunter's Challenge - Day 4 - Cadence Drills


For this workout the instructions don't quite match the workout.  Those red bars you see in there don't really match up with anything he said, they were alternating 110 RPM and 85 RPM cadence drills.  It's the latter section of sweet spot pedaling with 10 bursts of 20 seconds each that is the large green blob at the end, but even that was hard to predict when it would be and what he meant by bursts.  The text given during the workout gives you 120 RPM drills for 30 seconds followed by 80 RPM for 2 minutes.
The Workout:
Strava Analysis:
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You'll see in the middle that I have a spot where it looks like I died.  As it turns out my heart rate monitor was dying and I tried to swiftly replace the battery while not stopping the workout.  After the workout I rode another lap around Watopia for a total workout of 1:30hr.

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