Zwift - Hunter's Challenge - Day 3 - Cadence and Heartrate


This is a pretty fun workout,  not very intense power wise, but don't that fool you, the cadence drills will wear down on you over time.


The Workout:

Strava Analysis:
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What you don't see in the workout page are the segment specific instructions given during the workout.  That section of 1 min @ 225W alternating with 1 min @ 185W is really 225W @ 110-120 RPM followed by 185W @ 80-100 RPM.  This is to get your legs spinning and ready for the first major segment.
The first 15 minute set is at 105 RPM and I'm glad I hit this one first as it was tough towards the end.  An important thing to try and do here is to not bounce around while you are spinning.  Rollers can help teach you to do this properly, and so will learning to spin in smooth circles.
During the rest I was able to get my heart rate back down below 140 BPM before the next segment which is 15 minutes at 90 RPM, a more normal cadence for me to be running.
The last 15 minute segment went well also, ending feeling strong with an easy 75 RPM section.
The interesting part comes in when we analyze my heart rate in each section. 
Average Cadence
Average Heart Rate
Average Power
105 RPM
155 BPM
228 W
90 RPM
150 BPM
227 W
75 RPM
144 BPM
226 W
Every section the goal was to maintain around 225W and it appears that I did fairly well, it is only coincidence that each segment went down exactly 1W average.  From this I can induce that for a constant power a lower cadence results in a lower heart rate for the range of 75-105 RPM.  This reminds me of a comment my mentor made when I would spin up when approaching a hill.  He mentioned that spinning up would just cause me to raise my heart rate earlier and to wait until my cadence dropped before shifting.
After the workout I continued to finish the lap for a total workout time of 1:34hr.

Current rating: 5


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